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Learn about steel pipe fittings

Steel pipe fittings are indispensable products in the piping system. Their function is to connect pipes, pipe sections according to the way, shrink the pipe according to the demand as well as the design and use purpose.

Types of steel pipe fittings

Steel pipe fittings include Con Thu, Cu, Te, Ca Ra, Mang Song, Kep, galvanized threaded coils, Con, Co Cu, Co ren, Co dieu ren, Te Ren, Thap ren, Con thu, tang two-threaded lace, River shoots ... are integral parts of steel pipe fittings

As a function of use, these pipe fittings products are much simpler than industrial valves, so they are often chosen to order from China to reduce costs but quality is guaranteed. If you choose the product of pipe fittings made in Malaysia, the cost will be higher so most customers do not choose.

In fact steel pipe fittings are not only a few simple products but have hundreds of different types of products for different industrial applications so the material is also different, possibly poor, cast iron. , plastic or stainless steel.

But the products we listed above are some common products, which are provided for construction projects in high-rise apartment buildings, offices and industrial factory areas so that you can call each type and name. Depending on the requirements we will choose different products to suit the application needs of each customer project.

Classification of steel pipe fittings

Steel pipe fittings are usually classified into 2 main types according to the steel pipe connection method which is the threaded steel pipe fittings and welded steel pipe fittings.

Threaded fittings are commonly used for small sized pipes (DN15 - DN100) because the thread connection method is under pressure than the connection welding method. However, the advantage is easy to install the system quickly.

Galvanized accessory products have two types: electrolytic galvanized but hot dip galvanized. Galvanizing time 1-2 days.

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