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Printing, advertising design company in Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City

NLP ONE MEMBER CO., LTD is one of the reputable and quality printing, advertising design establishments in Ho Chi Minh City. With six years experience in the printing industry, NLP Company's products and services are sure to make you absolutely satisfied.

NLP ONE MEMBER CO., LTD has a closed and modern production model, using advanced machines such as offset machine, KTS laser machine, Flexo machine combined with skillful machining steps due to experienced skill of the company. People: Post-print cutting, die processing, foil processing, film lamination, heat cutting, paper backing, paper milling, 3D joining, laminating, embossing, hole drilling, winding, laminating membrane,..

Coming to NLP Company, you will receive attentive and enthusiastic advice from a team of professional sales staff, agile and understanding customer psychology. Surely you will own a design that is not only beautiful but also trendy, which fully meets the criteria that you give.

NLP Company's products are manufactured at a fast pace, meeting the time requirements of customers. We provide printing services with small quantity, large quantity, customized printing with reasonable and reasonable prices.

Our operation motto is: Always put customer satisfaction first.

Not only that, all products at NLP Company after being completed will be packed and shipped to customers in the safest and safest way.

List of Manufacturing at NLP ONE MEMBER CO., LTD

- Production of packaging: Print paper boxes, paper bags, record storage boxes, carton boxes ...

- Printing of office publications: Profiles, clip files, envelopes, business cards, invoices ...

- Print advertising products: leaflets, catalogs, brochures, standees, banners ...

- Production services for holidays and New Year: Desk calendars, bloc calendars, lucky money bags, gift boxes ...

- Label printing service: warranty stamps, broken stamps, plastic decal stamps, seal stamps ..

- Other printing products: Wedding cards, invitations, yearbooks, standees, banners, vouchers ....

You can order to print the above items in as little or as many as you want. For each product package, NLP Company will have its own incentives for you.

Ordering process at NLP ONE MEMBER CO., LTD

- Consulting: Consulting staff will provide information and answer all questions about your printing service.

- Quotation: Transparent and detailed price list will be sent to you.

- Deploying the contract: After agreeing to use NLP Company's printing service, the staff will help you draft the contract. You just need to read the contract carefully and sign it.

Master-making design: You will be able to work directly with the designer to communicate design ideas and requirements to them.

- Demo product prototyping: Before mass production, NLP Company will create demo products to make sure the product sample has satisfied you.

- Marquette - Printing - Finished product processing: steps to complete product processing

- Packing: packed securely and safely so that the product will not be affected by external conditions such as rain, sunshine, etc.

- Shipping: free shipping to customers' addresses in Inner City with large quantity of products.

Using the services of NLP Company, you will definitely feel satisfied with our dedication, professionalism and product quality.



Office: No. CT6 Bac Hai Residential, Tam Dao Street, Ward 15, District 10, HCMC.

Printing workshop: 128A Le Lam, Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

Manufacturing workshop: 181 Quach Dinh Bao, Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

Phone: 0985 331 335

Email: nguyenlenlp.co@gmail.com

Website: inannlp.com


158/28/17 Phạm Văn Chiêu,Phường 9, Quận Gò Vấp, TP. HCM

Xưởng sản xuất: Số 10 Đường Nhị Bình, Xã Nhị Bình, Huyện Hóc Môn, TP. HCM

(+84-8) 625 77 602  - 0987 584 017             



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