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About us

Together with the trend of integration and development of the world in general as well as footwear in particular, Rongxin Vietnam was established in 2015. With new advances in the field of footwear design, we are constantly learning, improving, updating new trends, diversifying products designed to be able to touch the tastes of hard customers.

With the motto of creating stylish, comfortable and catching up trend, Rongxin Vietnam staffs constantly try our best to learn to diversify our products to meet the demand. We are looking forward to contributing to the rise of the Footwear Industry.

Our products:  Kniting - 3D Knitting - PU casting - Special printing and heating

Factory system:

Textile workshop: We have more than 300 specialized machines, capacity around 200,000-300,000 products/month.

PU heating workshop: capacity around 200,000-300,000 products / month

With new clean materials, recycled fiber, we are committed to the best quality products for our customers.