Why does catalog design play an important role?



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Why does catalog design play an important role?

A catalog is a tool used to identify and reinforce brand awareness. Marketing professionals who know the accuracy involved in creating a catalog and a quality catalog can make a difference in terms of sales.

What is needed when creating a catalog are:

  • Functions: staff are easy to advise and design intuitively for customers
  • Attractive: with sturdy cover, high quality paper, clear and modern layout, etc. appeals to customers who can patiently refer to the service's products

Paper catalog design method

Paper Catalog design usually includes a product introduction cover page, followed by information about the products.

The catalogs will contain pictures and detailed descriptions of the items, as well as prices and ordering information. The manufacturer will send the Catalog to the dealer, the customer chooses the model he likes, records the code on the order form and sends it to the address of purchase. In some cases, customers will call and place orders by phone.

Catalog design process

Define purpose: What is the catalog used for? Who is the target?

Define content: Make up content for the elements you want to convey in the catalog.

Simple catalog: Do not insert too much information into the catalog, it will mess and customers will be confused

Image Ideas: Once the content is finished, the images will be collected. Plan ahead about the image to use and add the required space.

Sketching ideas Outlining ideas on paper can lead to many ideas. Then you will draw on the computer

Complete: Once the catalog has both copies and photos approved, it's time to finalize your product. Make adjustments to make the catalog more vibrant and engaging, easier to read, and easier to understand.

Select printing paper: Select Catalog printing paper is Couche 250gsm ..., Couche matt 150gsm, 200gsm, Couche 300gsm paper, B300 paper
Catalog Print & Close Book

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