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Things to know to sing Karaoke better

The trend of entertainment by singing karaoke is extremely popular not only in families but also in agencies, companies, groups of friends, etc., so it will be a disadvantage if you are the one who can't sing well and especially when you are not confident about your voice. You want to learn about karaoke and want to improve your voice to confidently perform in front of people, increase your chances of communication and expand your relationships, but you don't know what to do and where to start. ? In this article, we will tell you what you need to know to sing better at karaoke.

Skills to make karaoke better

To sing karaoke really well, you can't just learn how to tune karaoke sound or just depend on karaoke voice editing software, great audio editing software, but more than that, you should practice to improve your voice. his real. Good vocal training is not only useful for you in karaoke but also when you have to speak in front of a crowd or attend events that use a large hall sound system. There are people who think that voice/singing is innate and cannot be changed, but that's completely wrong, with proper practice, your voice will definitely be better!

To sing karoke, we have to use a number of skills such as: taking breath, singing the voice of the wind, how to sing high passages, etc. Each skill will have a different degree of influence on the quality of the sound produced, although However, it is undeniable that every skill is important and directly determines the quality of the voice. Please join us in reviewing each skill and how to perform each exercise for each of these skills.
Skill 1: Making vocals before singing

Before singing, should not drink carbonated water or drink milk will make the voice cloudy, may be hoarse, should only drink filtered water, and preferably warm water, note not to drink cold water. You can apply some ways to tone your voice before singing like sucking on a lemon. In order to keep the voice sound, it is advisable to add more water, green vegetables and especially 1 to 2 glasses of fruit juice per day.

Practice voice before singing: before singing, you should practice your voice for 1 to 2 minutes to make your voice clearer and clearer, don't start right away with notes that are too high or too low, start from the middle notes and gradually increase or decrease the pitch to “warm up” more effectively.
Skill 2: Breathe properly

Taking breath is an extremely important skill when you start singing, if you take your breath at the wrong time, it is easy to miss the beat, enter faster or slower than the music. If you don't prepare well, you will be short of breath, leading to shortness of breath while singing. Proper breathing also helps the voice to be thicker, higher and stronger. Therefore, regularly practice breathing to improve your voice!
Skill 3: Pronunciation

In daily communication, many of us often pronounce incorrectly, especially those in the provinces with local accents, in singing, the pronunciation requirements will be even higher. shape each word to be round, absolutely not mixed with local accent.

To practice pronunciation better, in addition to exercises on vocalization and vocal practice, you can listen and sing along to golden karaoke songs, are you surprised? Do not find it difficult to understand, because golden music songs often have a slow melody, you can easily follow the singer's mouth and pronounce each word, then know how to pronounce it, so that the speech is correct and similar professional singers.

Skill 4: Practice high and strong vocals

The quality of the voice sometimes depends on the equipment in the sound system and the design of the karaoke room, sometimes the voice is really good, but because of the use of inappropriate audio equipment or because of not knowing how to adjust it, to the sound of the speaker is very hard to hear. Therefore, make sure you choose the ideal karaoke system that always respects the quality of your voice!

In the ways to practice high and strong vocals, in addition to the notes when taking breaths, you should practice regularly two exercises, the "pass" exercise and the "blow" exercise, these are two exercises to help your breath pull. longer, at the same time, properly performing these two exercises, you will quickly control your breathing, know how to control your breath and voice to suit each word, each sentence of music to convey. the meaning of the song easily, going deep into people's hearts.
Skill 5: Singing in the voice of the wind

The most important factor when you want to sing with a wind voice is to know how to catch your breath and regulate your breath while singing. Abdominal breaths allow you to take in more breaths. At the same time, when singing the voice of the wind you always compress the air, the sound is brought to the head while the air must be compressed to the abdomen, if you are a beginner, you will certainly not be used to it and easily get tired and feel abdominal pain, But don't worry because your body will soon adapt, so don't be discouraged but actively practice to have a really good, strong and high voice!
Skill 6: Use better karaoke tips

To sing karaoke really well, you can't ignore some of the following tips:

- Drink plenty of water to purify the body, minimize harmful agents for the throat, and keep the voice in the best state.

- Do not sing continuously too many songs will quickly get tired, easy to get hoarse.

- Do not smoke because it will adversely affect the nasopharynx and lungs, making the sound cloudy.

- In addition to breathing properly, you also need to know the skills of holding a karaoke microphone to sing effectively.

There are many tips and tricks to help you sing karaoke better, please refer to and apply to make your voice better every day, helping to bring more confidence and success.

Regular practice with the above skills will sometimes be very boring, you can't just practice each of those skills forever, so practice singing karaoke online (singing karaoke on your computer, singing karaoke on your phone). ...), you just need to install karaoke software on your computer (or phone) to be able to practice karaoke anywhere, not necessarily going to expensive karaoke bars, saving both time and money. .

So what songs should you practice to sing? Very simply, you can choose from a list of the best karaoke songs such as: song charts, top 50 hottest songs, easy karaoke songs for men, good karaoke songs for girls, etc. Searching in this way, you will easily find your favorite song, listen as many times as you can to how to sing, how to regulate your breath, how to move, to memorize and practice along, when you have time. Being able to sing with the singer's voice is already a success!

The process of vocal training will take a long time because the skills sound very simple and easy to understand, but to do it right is not easy, so many of you have a passion for singing but it's very fast. give up fast! If you are in the same situation or are worried that you may fall into a state of depression and want to give up, then remember the benefits of karaoke, to always remind yourself that training your voice to sing is not It's just a hobby or just to satisfy your passion, but it's also good for your health and brings a lot of other benefits, take it as a motivation for you to continue, persistently perform the exercises and achieve your goals. get your goal.

We often say "singing is not as good as singing!", this sentence is very true and means to advise us to practice singing regularly, singing will help us relax, relieve all the stress of life, but However, it would be even better if we were "good at singing" and "singing well", so why not practice to have a perfect voice? Don't delay anymore, start practicing today, right now to have a beautiful, high, strong voice, to give you more confidence and freedom to express yourself!

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