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What should you eat to have a good voice?

For those who often have the need to sing karaoke or who use their voice to make a living, they are very interested in a good and strong voice. In addition to the exercise regime, diet always plays an important role in preserving the voice. So what to eat to have a good and healthy voice is definitely a question that many people are interested in, let's find out with us!


This is a fruit quite familiar to each of us, but about its uses probably few people know. Fig is a very useful fruit in tonic gas, sustenance, laxative, pharyngeal, laxative and significantly improved vocals. Therefore, eating a lot of figs will help improve your voice and bring you a better voice.

There are many ways for you to make figs into delicious dishes such as:

  • Slice figs and cook with rock sugar.
  • Pickled figs with salt and sugar.
  • Pickled figs with honey, drain the water to suck and drink.
  • Cooking porridge with figs for breakfast also brings very good effects.


Honey is always considered a natural panacea that cures many diseases, in addition to its medicinal uses, this is also a very good food for the larynx system, if you want to have a good, clear and healthy voice, should use honey every day.

You can use honey by mixing it with lemon juice, holding it in your mouth and swallowing it slowly 30 minutes before recording.
Bean sprouts

Raw sprouts are also a very good food for health, especially for the throat, those who are having problems with their throat such as hoarseness, just need to eat raw sprouts to restore their voice immediately, or for People who sing often, eating raw bean sprouts will help their voice become clearer and stronger. This is also considered a great dish to help the voice become better.

The most effective method of using sprouts is to wash them, then chew them thoroughly and swallow them with water, or you can wait until the meal to eat mannequin sprouts, boiled sprouts with boiling water still have the same effect.

One of the dishes to get a good voice is egg whites. Sometimes you boil 1-2 eggs and then eat the white part while the egg is still warm.

Vegetables contain many vitamins

Vitamins have always been considered a very good nutrient for health, in addition, it also has great uses for people who often sing. Eating a lot of vegetables containing vitamins such as oranges, lemons, papaya, amaranth ... will be one of the factors that help the voice become better, they will keep moist and keep the throat healthy.

Diet is one of the factors that directly affect your larynx. In particular, the throat is a very vulnerable part, so using the above foods, your throat will be best protected. Above are the foods that people who often sing should eat to have a good voice. Hope the above article will provide you with useful information. Good luck!

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