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What is special about Karaoke culture in Japan?

Karaoke culture in Japan is very special, because it is a popular form of entertainment in Japan. Modern karaoke today is not only popular in Japan but also expanded around the world. Let's learn more about this culture in the article below!

Origin and cultural significance of Karaoke in Japan

The origin of Karaoke singing culture

The origin of the Japanese word Karaoke is inseparable from bars. The idea of ​​singing Karaoke in Japan originates from Western countries, but it turns out that the originator and inventor is Japanese.

The inventor of Karaoke is Mr. Inoue Daisuke, a Japanese born in 1971. At the age of 31, he was a keyboard player in a club. Karaoke culture in Japan was first known at a bar in Kobe city, Japan. At that time, forms of musical entertainment were only encapsulated in bars and performances.

When influenced by new trends from the West, Karaoke changes and catches up. Karaoke bars are attached to saunas, hotels, restaurants, etc. Today, Karaoke bars are expanded throughout the country, serving everyone from the popular to the elite.

The meaning of singing Karaoke in Japan

- Create close relationships with people.

The Japanese as well as the Vietnamese often go to Karaoke to strengthen relationships. Create an intimate bridge with people through the enthusiastic response of Karaoke activities. All Japanese consider Karaoke as a normal leisure activity that is indispensable in daily life.

- Bring confidence and bravery in front of many people.

This is a way to express yourself, show bravery in front of many people. Singing karaoke brings confidence, dares to express one's voice, but it is not necessary to be a singer to perform.

- Mental entertainment, bring better health.

We seem to be releasing energy and relieving stress through Karaoke activities.

Regulations that need to be grasped in Karaoke culture in Japan

- There are numbered private rooms.

When entering any Karaoke bar in Japan, you also have to go through the registration procedure. Most Karaoke bars have two counters: one for registration and one next to it for payment. You will also be assigned rooms by the staff number.

- Hours of operation at Karaoke bars.

In Japan, there are Karaoke bars open from 7am. This is quite a strange thing in Vietnam because we often see Karaoke only open from 9am. Moreover, there are many Karaoke bars in Japan open 24/24. Before you book a restaurant, you should also find out in advance about the opening and closing times of the Karaoke bar to balance the time to have fun and relax.

- Do not arbitrarily sing other people's songs.

Most Japanese people will be very careful, so it is extremely important to ask others about the song they want to sing. You should not arbitrarily sing other people's songs without consent. All must be in order, not pre-emptive.

- Order food and drinks.

You can order food right before entering the Karaoke room. In the Karaoke room, they are equipped with phones so that if you have a need, they will call the service staff. The dishes in the Karaoke rooms are relatively simple, fast food.

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