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Didn't expect karaoke to bring so many great benefits

If you are a lover of singing, often sing karaoke for entertainment, then congratulations because you have done a very right thing. Because singing karaoke regularly will make you extremely happy with a refreshing spirit, good health and a host of other great benefits.

A study by the University of Frankfurt (Germany) has shown that singing is a physical activity that stimulates the production of antibodies in the body that help fight infections of the upper respiratory system, increasing the amount of oxygen. providing organs, stimulating the circulatory system, strengthening the immune system, dissolving excess fat… Singing karaoke (or in other words, singing with friends) has all the effects of singing mentioned above. . Even, in the singing atmosphere with friends by your side, you will feel more excited and healthier.

1. Singing karaoke helps increase positive energy

Singing will bring people optimism and excitement. It is not natural that people often say "good singing is not as good as singing". Singing is considered a healthy and rewarding mental activity. When it comes to singing, most of us would probably agree that it has a lot of mental effects, such as removing stress, lifting spirits and helping people to be more optimistic.

Just talking about singing karaoke is enough to imagine a vibrant atmosphere, fun music and all of them happily singing their favorite tunes. Needless to say, when it comes to the positive side of karaoke, you will immediately think of the effect of eliminating stress, creating a comfortable mood, creating a happy atmosphere for the participants.
2. Karaoke helps to lose weight

When singing karaoke combined with exercise, dancing to the music will help burn carbohydrate fat and subcutaneous fat, thereby helping you lose weight quickly.

Also, when we sing, most of us take our breath from our abdomen, which forces the diaphragm to work harder. As a result, the body can regulate the amount of air inhaled and exhaled, increasing the efficiency of oxygen exchange into the body, breaking down the absorbed lipids, thereby burning more fat.

3. Good for the heart and lungs

A report published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology also found that singing, especially choirs, can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. That's because when you sing in unison, your heart rate goes up and down at the same time as everyone else's. This has the same effect as breathing practice in yoga, helping people relax and promoting the heart to pump blood more regularly.

Moreover, when we sing, we often breathe steadily. so it will be very good for the functioning of the lungs.
4. Singing karaoke helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system

Singing karaoke compared to singing by yourself has the advantage that you can see the words appear on the screen, without having to use memory. Besides, the beautiful images in the song also help relieve stressful emotions. As a result, the autonomic nervous system, which is affected by emotions, will also be regulated.
5. Increase intestinal secretion

Along with the action of the diaphragm when taking air, the stomach also has to contract regularly, thereby helping to improve bowel movements. Peristalsis that works well when you sing is also a way to help the digestive and excretory systems work well. Once your bowel movements are working properly, you will avoid the risk of constipation.
6. Improve menstrual disorders

It sounds unrelated, but in fact, singing is very beneficial for your menstrual problems. The menstrual cycle is related to sex hormones, which are influenced by mood and emotions.

When you sing karaoke, you are easily caught up in the words and images on the screen, which will stimulate the pituitary gland to work. The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of sex hormones. When the pituitary gland works, not only do you feel happier, but sex hormones are also released more, thereby helping to improve menstrual disorders caused by stress or endocrine disorders.
7. Beautify facial skin

The expressions when singing, when looking at words or images on the screen have an impact on the action of the muscles in your face. These muscle tissues are normally inactive, so they can become "inactive". But once they are stimulated regularly, they will create the effect of increasing elasticity, promoting internal circulation, better subcutaneous metabolism ... thus can help facial skin healthy and beautiful.

However, there is one point you need to pay special attention to when singing karaoke that the microphone can contain many bacteria. Therefore, when going to karaoke, you should pay close attention, if you cannot clean the singing mic, you should keep it away from your mouth to avoid bacteria having the opportunity to enter through the mouth to enter the body.
8. Stimulates the respiratory system

To be able to sing long pieces of music or choruses, we are forced to breathe through our belly. This is a natural activity that we used to do when we were babies or when we slept. Yet over the years, since we grow up, we gradually forget, only breathing through our chest. Singing allows us to breathe through our belly without much effort. What's more, the respiratory system is working at full capacity when we breathe through our belly, so we breathe easier, we breathe more deeply. This also means that we can release more toxic gases in the body to the outside, and provide more oxygen to the body.
9. Cure back pain

Like the respiratory system, posture when singing is also a very important factor. To be able to sing, we must stand or sit upright, with our necks up and our shoulders relaxed. Moreover, when singing, the vocal cords vibrate, spreading into the body, especially in the spine, so it helps our back to have great massages when singing.
10. Strengthen the immune system

A recent study by the Acoustic Research Institute of Frankfort University - Germany, singing can strengthen the body's immune system, thereby helping the body fight off diseases. For this study, these scientists analyzed blood samples from members of a choir before and after they attended a performance. The results showed that the percentage of protein globulin A in the blood of these people after the performance was higher than before the performance. This protein is considered as an antibiotic to help the body fight against inflammatory diseases, especially skin diseases.

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