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Instructions for singing Karaoke with a very cool voice

Have you ever heard the songs of Vitas - the artist with the highest male voice in the world? Have you ever dreamed of singing like that? In order to sing such an exceptionally high voice, of course you need a natural talent, but if you were not born with the ability to sing, don't despair! Truong Ca Audio does not promise to help you become the world's second Vitas, but there is certainly a way to help you gain more confidence to comfortably sing in front of everyone, without having to use great audio editing software, karaoke voice editing software, or you don't need to be too good at how to tune karaoke sound, we will help you improve your own voice! In addition to exercises on how to practice high and strong vocals, how to make a voice before singing, etc., a skill that you need to have in order to sing karaoke better and get higher scores is singing wind.

So how to sing the voice of the wind, how to make your voice stronger, get more high notes?! Truong Ca Audio will reveal to you! We consulted a number of vocal teachers, gathered information and synthesized to summarize these valuable tips, they are very simple things, the important thing here is that you already know. then need to absorb and practice very hard to have a high wind voice, inspiring, smooth but still clear. Hopefully this article will be useful to you, let's explore the ways to practice wind voice right here!
1. Clear pronunciation:

The first thing you need to know when you want to sing with a wind voice is to have a clear pronunciation, maybe you can still sing that voice but the listener doesn't understand what you're singing, isn't it okay?

For clear pronunciation, in addition to vocal exercises, you can follow the following exercise: Every day read about five to ten pages of a book, read aloud, read each word, read it over and over again, make sure to play sound each word, each letter standard, clear. Practice this exercise every day until in daily communication, you find yourself pronouncing each word correctly, which is successful, if you still don't pronounce words when talking, you still need more practice.
2. Adjust the speaking volume accordingly:

Except for special cases where we need to speak especially loudly for others to hear or we need to speak softly to keep order for others, most of the time in our conversations, we usually speak at a moderate volume, not speaking. Too soft like someone who is short of breath, tired, and not too loud like shouting to make listeners frustrated and uncomfortable, so know how to adjust the volume when talking to suit each situation and different listeners. . First of all, observe the people around, especially those who speak easily to learn from them how to speak, imitate their speaking volume to make sure you speak at the right volume.

In addition, when speaking, you can also combine it with body-language, ie using hand and foot gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, smiles, etc. to communicate with people and body language. express one's attitude or thought. We recommend standing in front of a speaking mirror to adjust yourself accordingly. Put yourself in the position of the listener to know if you have spoken like that or not. At the same time, combine the practice of speaking when speaking in a low voice, when raising your voice, when speaking loudly and clearly, when talking in a whisper, in proportions, etc. to know how to handle the breath so that the volume as well as the sound. You will use it similarly to each verse in a piece of music, need to be flexibly adjusted to suit and captivate listeners.
3. Moderate speaking speed:

First, practice speaking at a moderate speed so that others can easily follow and understand what you are saying, however, just like in a song, you cannot always sing the same rhythm every time. From beginning to end, practice speaking when fast, when slow, when to speak continuously, and when to pause to let the listener think. Avoid talking too slow, too slow, easy to make others sleepy, feel bored, but also do not speak so fast that no one can hear what you are saying, too much information also makes the listener unable to process, leading to fatigue, always ensure that the speed is just enough to listen, the pronunciation must be correct, concise and clear. At the same time, when speaking fast or slow, you must combine with your breath, always pay attention to take your breath and breathe at a rate suitable for each situation, but always rhythmically and steadily.
4. Smooth, inspiring intonation:

Intonation is the rise and fall of sound, it is also shown through the skillful association between sounds, especially in a song, usually each word will have a different pitch, so if you don't know how to turn Flexible intonation change will be easy to show, the song will sound very rough, disjointed and hard to hear. However, saying that does not mean that you have to express the intonation up and down continuously, low and low like music, create a seamless, smooth and inspiring enough for listeners to easily feel the sound. music and the meaning of the song.

A note to make karaoke more inspirational is to listen to the song many times, if the song has an MV, watch to understand the lyrics and meaning of the song, put yourself in the position of the character. to feel and transmit the best song. Inspiration here is not only practice to get, but you need to understand the deep meaning of the song, the intention of the composer, the circumstances of the song's birth, that's the best way to help you. easily express the work that goes into people's hearts. Follow along and feel the difference in the effect it brings to the listener.
5. Speak in a belly voice

Belly voice is the last exercise, also a very important exercise. If you pay attention, you will see that not only singers but also MCs, world leading speakers, politicians, etc. all use belly voice when performing, speaking or singing. People who speak the belly voice will give a deep voice, the voice has internal force and is easy to hear, easy to "absorb".

But how to say the belly voice really well, really good? Please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Take breath from the abdomen:

To understand exactly how to do this exercise, first put one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach, then breathe normally, how do you feel? Normally, when we inhale, the chest will be full and the abdomen will be slightly constricted, and when we exhale, the air from the chest will be pushed out, the chest will automatically collapse but the abdomen will be slightly enlarged.

After you have grasped the mechanism of action of the body when inhaling and exhaling normally, this time, take a breath in and push all the qi down into your abdomen, commonly known as "air into the dantian", use Consciousness to control your breath. At this time, you will find that the chest is slightly stretched and the air is pushed into the abdomen, so it makes the abdomen stretch more, when exhaling, both the abdomen and the chest collapse.

This process is very simple, but you still need to pay close attention to not breathing according to your usual routine, do it continuously and regularly for 30 days, your body will get used to the pattern of breathing from the abdomen.
Step 2: Practice properly adjusting and opening the conjunctiva (also known as the oral cavity)

If you sing instinctively, your palate will tend to open wide and upward, however, singing like this will be exposed and untidy, adjust the palate to curve down into an arc, so that the from the abdomen resonates inside the oral cavity for a better, more resonant, richer sound. This is also a way to make your voice louder, using the union surround, you will not need to try to raise your voice, raise your voice or try to sing loudly, straining the vocal cords can easily lead to hoarseness and get tired very quickly.
Notes when practicing using the alliance arch:

+ Pronounce slow, loud, round letters, when the sound is loud and loud, you have done the right technique.

+ After mastering the skill of using the union surround, practice to adjust the sound output when loud, when low, when low, when high flexibly while ensuring reverberation, continuity and transmission have a cold.

+ Watch a lot of videos teaching pronunciation, practice voice, observe the teacher's mouth and when practicing, stand in front of the mirror to adjust your mouth so that the sound comes out standard but still aesthetically pleasing.

+ If during the practice, you see signs such as sore throat, hoarseness, etc., it means you are confused between pronouncing using the throat ring and using the vocal cords, please pause to let the vocal cords Rest and quickly readjust properly, do not try too hard to easily injure the vocal cords, which can lead to bad consequences for the voice later.

Performing exercises to draw breath from the abdomen and mastering the use of the commissural arch will help you master your belly voice and use it flexibly in singing. Practice regularly, continuously, combined with our better karaoke tutorials to achieve high efficiency in the shortest time!

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