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Tips for singing karaoke 100 points - A guide to singing karaoke as good as a singer

Tips for singing karaoke 100 points - A simple guide to singing as good as a singer, easy to practice. Listen a lot, memorize the voice, memorize the rhythm, listen and sing along..

For each of us individually, not everyone who is born knowing how to sing can sing karaoke or right away. All of us as well as professional singers also have to go through a methodical training process. But for family karaoke, karaoke business singing to each other, just practice at a moderate level.

Many times quizzes each other who sings karaoke with 100 points will have a prize... but it's very difficult. There are cases where singing sounds very good, but the scoring machine is very low... There are cases when singing karaoke or singing normally but getting 100 points right away. Everything has its reasons. Here, we guide you with some 100 point karaoke tips, how to sing karaoke as good as a singer.

Tips for singing karaoke 100 points

  • Choose a song that matches your voice tone. If you have a warm voice or a high voice, you should choose songs that are suitable for your voice so that you can sing easily and sing well, without losing strength.
  • Should choose a song you like best, suitable for your voice as a cabinet song. When determining the lesson, it is necessary to practice a lot, especially the places to enter the music. In general, people who sing poorly often have a habit of slowing down the music and keep playing the whole song slowly, they have to know how to listen to the beat, if they are slow, they have to give up their words and continue to sing correctly.
  • You should not imitate singing along with singers with many types of attachments and adventures because if you do not sing the right melody, it will slow down the rhythm of the song.
  • Practice at home, listen to the singer sing -> listen while singing along -> turn off the music -> sing vegetarian, cover 1 ear, listen to your voice in the other ear -> finish singing, listen to the singer again -> sing over into the singer, cover one ear, the other ear listen to his real voice. Just like that, when you see two voices close to each other, it's fine.
  • Rhythm: When singing, it's important to catch the beat. To catch the beat, you have to sing a lot and be confident. Step 1 is also a good catch-up. This is also one of the best ways to sing karaoke. So it's important that you know the beat of the song. Songs with 2/4, 4/4 time are usually easier to sing than other songs. Experience is that you knock or wave your hand to the strong beat of the drum. The strong beats are the entry points to the lyrics.
  • Right music: You should choose songs that are suitable for your voice and know how to distinguish where women sing and where men sing.
  • Maintain vocal cords: Drink plenty of water, avoid using stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco… When singing karaoke, your vocal cords work continuously and excessively, so adequate water intake will help it. always gentle.

Instructions to sing karaoke as good as a singer

1. Blow out the candle – (practice breathing)

Light a candle about 50 cm or more away (sitting in a well-ventilated room). Take a deep breath and blow evenly so that the candle vibrates evenly or tilts to a fixed angle until it stops breathing. The goal is so that we can get a long breath and adjust it evenly. Because often when the air is about to run out, the strength of the air blows out or decreases, so try to adjust it so that from starting to blowing until it stops, there must be the same strength (we can see that. through the candle), when the breath stops, it is no longer able to blow as hard as it was at the beginning (this part is the most difficult, but also the most necessary).

2. Submerge in water: to practice “a” and “i” sounds for good and standard pronunciation

Practicing the “a” sound is the easiest of all, and the “i” sound is the hardest. The sound i must be pushed up to the nose, we will sing well and have a better voice. Therefore, the practice of diving will help us a lot.

Take a basin of clean water, place it on a chair as high as possible so that the person does not bend too much when swimming. Take a deep breath, put your face in the basin of water (right ear should be above the water) and start saying or singing each sentence that has an "a" and an "i" sound. The "a" sound is simple, you just need to play the letter "a" a bit (but it's better to go into the song), so that you can hear that "a" almost like "on the shore". obtain. You just try gradually and you will discover many interesting things.

And the "i" sound is the same way with any song that has an "i" sound at the end of the sentence or simply rewinds the word "i" over and over. You'll know if the "i" is pushing up your nose by the air bubbles coming out of your nose. You have to try and practice because you might choke on water because of this practice. If you work hard at this trick, when you sing, your "i" sound is very beautiful. You can also use this method to practice your pitch (gradually increasing the tone).

3. High-level practice with the piano: Call it Mi-Ma training

For example: With a guitar, the 3 lowest notes are Noodle Fa Sol, you practice as follows: play Son - Fa - Noodle; Són - Fa - Noodles corresponding to such beating is to pronounce Mi i ì - Ma a à. Then increase it to a semitone and repeat as above. Must try to be as high as possible. Practicing with the piano is best.

Note: Should keep a good throat by cleaning your teeth, using salt water is better. Practicing vocals early in the morning is best.

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